2012: The Year of the Blog

2012: The Year of the Blog

Top blogger resolutions for the year.

A new year, a clean state and a fresh beginning. Nothing better than a clear calendar to get your blog off to a better start in the new year. Make 2012 the year you achieve all your blogging goals by taking the time to draw up a few resolutions for the coming months.

Get Organized

I know I harp on scheduling, but that's only because I know what a wonderful tool it is for keeping your blog on track. Whether you organize on paper or on the computer, get started in January and keep it up the whole year through. Begin by making a rough outline of posting dates and post ideas for those dates. Come the end of the month, review your January schedule to identify any problem areas and make a new schedule for February.



Don't be just a voice in the dark, get to know other mom bloggers in your chosen niche. Join blog carnivals, talk to other bloggers and consider going to a conference targeted to mom bloggers. There is a wonderful supportive community out there just waiting to welcome you into the fold.


Clean Up

Out with the old, in with the new! Clean up your blog roll, streamline your index or archives, consider a new header. Think of your blog as a constantly evolving piece of work. Even small improvements can make your blog more enjoyable for your readers.


Try Something New

Continue to expand your blogging repertoire while adding more value for your readers. Write an ebook, begin a podcast, or add a view video posts. Experiment with different mediums to keep your blog fun and fresh.