Blog Perfection

Blog Perfection

What face are you going to show the world?

There seems to be a new fad amongst mommy bloggers. I keep running across posts with some variation on the theme of “keeping it real.” These posts show a pile of laundry, a dirt-smeared kid or some other scene meant to remind us that these uber successful bloggers are just like us.

While it's true that even the most perfect-seeming mom blogger likely faces many of the same daily trials as the rest of us, the “keeping it real” posts seem contrived to me. I don't visit these blogs to see their dirty dishes or muddy floors, I visit them to see beautiful recipes, inspiring craft projects or to find a money saving tip.


The blogs I visit because of the writer's voice as she details the trials and tribulations of her daily life don't need a “keeping it real” post. These writers built their blog voice on keeping it real already. In my opinion, the craft, money, shopping, recipe and other niche mom blogs also don't require these posts, because that isn't the voice they used to build their blogs.


When writing your own blog, decide what it's about and stay true to it. If you want a gardening blog, it's okay to occasionally show things from your daily life not related to gardening but don't purposely try to air your dirty laundry (figuratively or literally!) just to “keep it real.” That isn't why your readers keep returning. These real-life posts are usually spurred on my criticism from a reader, complaining because a blogger seems too perfect. Keep in mind you can please all your readers and some people will always complain. You won't go wrong if you stay true to yourself and true to your blog.