Child safety seat regulation changes

Child safety seat regulation changes

You may want to check these out if you have a child who's three or older.

In 2014, we can expect a change in child safety seat regulations. Parents will be warned to not put kids ages three in a child safety seat attachment system as was previously federally required, as kids and car seats with a weight of 65 pounds or greater have been known to loosen and be unsafe. Why these laws cannot change now to help protect kids already at risk is beyond me.

What’s also beyond me are the way that federal rules for this or that change constantly, with old rules endangering kids and not resulting in any culpability in terms of federal capacity. What I mean is why make these laws when kids get hurt or die from them anyway—and then fine parents for not following the rules? Do the lawmakers who make the rules also get fined or otherwise punished for putting so many children at risk?

Personally, I think we may have too many rules when it comes to safety measures, but mostly because we have stopped promoting the use of common sense in parenting. I hear of toy recalls because it was discovered that a child’s hair could get caught in a rotating tire. Hair! Why is the toy, intended for ages, say, six and up, in the hair to begin with? Of course it could get wrapped up! That’s why you have PARENTS to supervise their own kids and teach them, “Now, Janie, don’t put the tire in your hair.”

Nowadays moms and dads are afraid to burp a baby without “expert” help, when our genes alone pretty much guaranteed the predominance of our species for the past several thousand years. Why do we all of the sudden have to stop trusting our instincts and start turning to doctors, teachers, or anyone labeled as an expert in order to do what our DNA is programmed to do—take care of our families without our instincts?

No wonder we have so many damn problems between parents and children, families and schools. We are clinically raising detached beings from ourselves rather than having our kids at our sides as nature intended, and we don’t even trust our abilities to care for them during the few hours of the day we have them. Sigh.

Anyhow, check the child safety seat laws out and make sure your seat complies—and if you have a kiddo age three and up now, I would go ahead and make the switch.