Fresh Content Conundrum

Fresh Content Conundrum

Keeping your content up to date.

Balancing your blog and life is an ongoing process. Some of the most prolific bloggers make time to write and upload multiple posts daily, while others barely manage to upload a post a month. It's a fact that frequent posting keeps your readers engaged and coming back for more, but there is no need to push yourself to write and post more than you reasonably have time for.

Striking the happy medium depends on your blog, its readership, your subject manner and your real life responsibilities. Consider once weekly posts the absolute minimum for a successful blog. Daily posts, at least five a week, is preferred and helps ensure constant traffic, but three post a week may be more realistic depending on your situation.


Once you decide on a realistic number of weekly updates, let your readers know. There is nothing more frustrating then visiting your favorite blog only to discover there has been no recent update. If you post only on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, put that in your FAQ or About page. Once you commit to a schedule, stick to it. The last thing you want is to let your readers down.


If you are having trouble posting regularly, begin slowly by committing to a twice or thrice weekly schedule. Begin building up a backlog of posts while sticking to this schedule. Once you have a month or two worth of updates written and scheduled on the blog, up your posting frequency if desired. Your blog and your readers will thank you.