The Idea Book

The Idea Book

Fostering Creativity

A blank screen can be an intimidating thing. Most of us begin blogging because we have something to say, but writer's block can strike at any time. Days without posts can easily become months without posts if you aren't careful. The worst part is, the longer you go without posting, the harder it is to start up again. Blog silence also results in decreased readership and you can lose most of your following quite quickly in the fast-paced world of the internet.

This is why I find by idea notebook so vital. I use a small pocket notebook that fits easily into a jacket pocket or purse. I also have a pen clipped to the cover so I am never caught without a writing implement. A PDA or note-taking app on a phone works as well, but I find it easier to become inspired by the act of writing and reading longhand.


I have the notebook divided into two sections by a sticky note. The first section is just a list of ideas that I jot down as they come to me. I may see a magazine cover at the grocery cover that inspires a blog title, overhear a conversation in a coffee shop or just have a great idea hit me while awaiting the kids at soccer practice. I jot these rough ideas down immediately, so I don't have the chance to forget them.


The second section is for brainstorming. When waiting at a the doctor's office or DMV, I pull out the notebook and look at my list of ideas for one that looks inspiring. Then I flip to the second section and begin brainstorming on how I can approach it on my blog. When writer's block hits, I just pull out my notebook and refer to the list or the brainstorming section for an instant idea that catapults me past my block and keeps me posting regularly.