Let sleeping blogs lie?

Let sleeping blogs lie?

Resurrecting a dead blog.

Most of us that have been in the blog world for any length of time have one sitting in a dark corner of the Internet. A sleeping blog. Unlike sleeping beauty, there is no prince to kiss these blogs awake and thrust them back into the spotlight. Sometimes these were moderately successful endeavors that we pushed aside because life got busy. More often, these sleeping blogs were our first forays into the blog world and we abandoned them once we became more adept at the art.

What happens when you get the itch to wake up an old blog? Well, I have one of these. It started as a personal blog when I was first trying to figure out hosting my own site instead of using a free blogging platform. I abandoned it as my more business type blogs gained success. Lately, though, I've been wanting to wake it up again. I love the domain name and I have a lot going on in my life that I want to blog about that doesn't fit my other blogs.

I've decided to wake it back up, but how? I quick check shows that there are still about 50 people subscribed to my RSS feed, even though it's been over a year since I posted anything. My first step was to rework the layout and template, using the blogging skills I now possess. Then I wrote up a couple week's worth of posts. There is no point waking up a blog if you are just going to ignore it again, so having some posts waiting in the wings will help me get into the routine of writing for this blog.

Today I posted on the blog about the changes and my intentions of making it active again. Anyone still checking the blog or reading their RSS has been notified and hopefully, if they enjoyed the blog previously, will be excited to see that new posts are going to be coming regularly again.