Micro-Manage Your Blog

Micro-Manage Your Blog

Setting a schedule for busy times.


There's no time like the holidays for a mom-blogger. We must decorate, bake, shop, wrap, entertain and chauffeur the family to a hundred-and-one holiday performances and plays, while still keeping up on our blog posting. Often, it's our blog that suffers when we take on too much because our families must come first. Fortunately, there is a solution that keeps both your family and your blog rolling when times get hectic.

Set a Blogging Schedule

A schedule helps ease posting when things are running smoothly, and is vital when things aren't. Decide how often you are going to post. If you get too busy, it's perfectly acceptable to cut down from daily posts to three weekly posts, just let your readers know so they don't think you abandoned them! Write down your posting schedule to ensure you remember it.


Start an Idea Journal

Keep a pad of paper with you at all times and jot down any post ideas you have. When sitting down to write, refer to the idea journal if you are stumped or looking for an idea for a quick post.


Schedule Posts in Advance

Most blogging software has a tool that allows you to save a post to draft form and schedule it to post on the blog at a later date. Build up at least one week's worth of posts to use for those times when you are just too busy to write. It's even better if you can get a month's worth of blog posts laid by for times of need.


Recruit a Guest Poster

If you are just too busy and you don't have any posts stored away, consider asking for a helping hand from another blogging mama. A guest post helps another blogger attract new readers and provides value to your readers. Just be prepared to return the favor some day!