Pictures and Online Privacy

Pictures and Online Privacy

Stay Safe Online and Off

Photography-heavy blogs are quite popular, and for good reason. Good photography really is worth a thousand words, and most readers enjoy seeing the world through their favorite blogger's eyes. It can become tempting to share every aspect of your life through photos, but you must still keep safety and privacy in mind.

The first rule is to avoid pictures that give away your address. I can't count the times I have seen someone's address plastered over their blog. A simple search can usually reveal your city and state information, even if you haven't shared that publicly on the blog. When you then show a series of pictures of your front door with your address plaque clearly visible, it wouldn't take much to determine your exact address.


While chances are slim that you will become a target, it's better to be safe. Many fulltime bloggers announce when they are on vacation. A would-be thief could use the picture clues on your blog to find where you live. Since you have likely shared other pictures of your home and belongings, the thief knows just what to target.


Another concern is photos of yourself and children. You must use your best judgment here. I have talked to mom bloggers who have run into “fans” while running errands. Some of these fans just practiced poor judgment, such as greeting the children by name, while others definitely put out a creepy vibe. If you do share pictures of the kids on the blog, you may want to use fake names for the little ones. Another option is to never share a picture that clearly shows their face.


Of course, if you want to share photos of people other than yourself and your children, always ask permission first. Not everyone is comfortable with starring in your online blog.