Spread the Word About Your Blog

Spread the Word About Your Blog

The power of networking.


One benefit of blogging is there are no coworkers, water cooler chat or workplace distractions. Unfortunately, those are also some of the drawbacks to working from home. It can be difficult for us moms to find time to connect with other writing mamas out in the blogosphere. Working inside a bubble limits the amount of contacts we can meet up with which in turn hurts our blogs.

Set Weekly Networking Goals

The easiest way to make sure you network is to set weekly goals that are as much a part of your blogging time as your posting schedule. Spending even as little as 10 minutes a day meeting other mom bloggers provides benefits and can result in lasting professional and personal friendships.


Visit Other Blogs

I have a bookmark folder of my favorite blogs written by other mom bloggers. Many of these are in my niche or a related niche. I make a point of posting comments on these blogs regularly, and many of these bloggers have become frequent visitors to my own blog.


Feature Bloggers

Whenever I am impressed by another blogger, I take the time to feature them on my own blog. While I don't require nor expect anything in return, it's nice when my feature leads to a mention on their blog. Not only does this help me support other mamas, it also helps me meet new people in my chosen field.


Go to a Blog Conference

Huge conferences aimed specifically at mom bloggers, like BlogHer, are a wonderful means to network within the field. If the large conferences are out of your range, you may be surprised that smaller conferences take place all over the country and these are also beneficial. Take time to visit one if possible. If not, consider using Meetup or a similar service to create a local mom blogging professional group in your area.