Taking a Break

Taking a Break

What to do when you need to step away from your blog.

It happens to even the most prolific blogger eventually – you need a break. Emergencies, stress or just real life leaves you without the time to keep up with your posting schedule. You can let your blog wallow, losing readers in the process, or you can take steps to keep your blog alive and filled with content.

Stored Posts

Storing posts for those times when you can't find time to write works especially well for emergencies or other unforeseen circumstances that limit your posting ability. Write one or two extra posts a week and store them in draft form. Keep these stored posts general, since those that appeal to a season, holiday or other time sensitive topic won't work if you need to use them at a different time. When something comes up and you can't post, simple schedule a few of these saved drafts to carry you through until you can begin regular posting again.


Solicit Guest Bloggers

If you have a good network of fellow bloggers, you can ask a few to step in with a guest blog if you know you will be away for awhile. Guest blogging works best for scheduled blog breaks, such as vacations, new babies or medical absences. Choose bloggers that have a voice you know will appeal to your readers, and try and find those that write on a topic similar to yours. Be prepared to return the favor by guest blogging for them later on.


Keep Your Readers Informed

Always share with your readers that you will be away for a time, even if new posts are still coming. This lets everyone know that you may not be around to answer emails or comments. Dedicated readers are an understanding bunch in general, and they will forgive you any minor blogging delays as long as they know you aren't abandoning the blog. You don't have to share details as to why you are on hiatus if you don't want to.