Teachable Moments

Teachable Moments

Using tutorials to attract readers.

Regardless of the slant of your blog, you need to provide useful content if you want your readers coming back for more. One successful way to do this is to provide tutorials and simple how-tos for your readers. Tutorials improve your ranking and page views, convince other bloggers to link to your post, and provide true value to your dedicated readers as well as to new readers.

But how can you pull off a tutorial successfully? For most topics, photos really matter. You must take detailed pictures of each step, especially any tricky ones. You may need a tripod or second pair of hands to pull this off well.


You must also order the tutorial well. Make sure the instructions follow the order of the steps. Break down complicated tasks into bite-size pieces, making separate sections. I personally prefer tutorials that include the step beneath each photograph. For simplicity, you may also want to include a shorter numbered list of the steps needed to complete the project at the very end for those that want to print it off, sans pictures, to refer to as they complete the task. This is especially true for recipes. The pictures make for a great blog post, but waste ink and get in the way when your reader tries to print it off for kitchen use.


Finally, include one excellent picture of the finished product, both at the beginning and the end of the post. This picture gives others something to feature or link to entice more readers to your blog. With the popularity of Pinterest, you also want a good preview picture for readers to add to pinboards, thus bringing even more readers to your site.