Using Posting Themes

Using Posting Themes

Scheduling for inspiration.

Coming up with a new blog post day after day can sometimes be a challenge. Some weeks, I have more ideas than I can possibly write down, while other weeks I am struggling to come up with a single sentence. Creating a few weekly themes to post about ensures I always have some fresh content to add, which keeps my readers and myself happy.

Some themes emerge naturally as you become comfortable with your blog. For example, if you find yourself posting a menu plan or a certain type of tip every week, use that as a basis for a posting theme. “Menu Plan Mondays” or “Tips Tuesdays” have a nice ring to them while providing inspiration.


Look to other blogs in your niche for theme ideas. Many blog writers have their own themes and invite others to join in by using the theme for their own blogs. If you write about books, joining a blog posting ring for a “New Writer's Wednesday” provides weekly inspiration for a post.


Posting themes also help you promote your blog to a new readership. If you join an existing writing theme group, you are usually invited to post a link to your applicable blog post in the comments or to a web rink or linkage exchange. Blog carnivals, which gather posts from multiple blogs on a specific theme, are another promotional option. If you come up with your own theme, open it up to other bloggers so you can work within the blogging community to promote each other.