December 2011

2012: The Year of the Blog

Top blogger resolutions for the year.

A new year, a clean state and a fresh beginning. Nothing better than a clear calendar to get your blog off to a better start in the new year. Make 2012 the year you achieve all your blogging goals by taking the time to draw up a few resolutions for the coming months.

Using Posting Themes

Scheduling for inspiration.

Coming up with a new blog post day after day can sometimes be a challenge. Some weeks, I have more ideas than I can possibly write down, while other weeks I am struggling to come up with a single sentence. Creating a few weekly themes to post about ensures I always have some fresh content to add, which keeps my readers and myself happy.

Fresh Content Conundrum

Keeping your content up to date.

Balancing your blog and life is an ongoing process. Some of the most prolific bloggers make time to write and upload multiple posts daily, while others barely manage to upload a post a month. It's a fact that frequent posting keeps your readers engaged and coming back for more, but there is no need to push yourself to write and post more than you reasonably have time for.

Micro-Manage Your Blog

Setting a schedule for busy times.


There's no time like the holidays for a mom-blogger. We must decorate, bake, shop, wrap, entertain and chauffeur the family to a hundred-and-one holiday performances and plays, while still keeping up on our blog posting. Often, it's our blog that suffers when we take on too much because our families must come first. Fortunately, there is a solution that keeps both your family and your blog rolling when times get hectic.