January 2012

Blog Perfection

What face are you going to show the world?

There seems to be a new fad amongst mommy bloggers. I keep running across posts with some variation on the theme of “keeping it real.” These posts show a pile of laundry, a dirt-smeared kid or some other scene meant to remind us that these uber successful bloggers are just like us.

The Idea Book

Fostering Creativity

A blank screen can be an intimidating thing. Most of us begin blogging because we have something to say, but writer's block can strike at any time. Days without posts can easily become months without posts if you aren't careful. The worst part is, the longer you go without posting, the harder it is to start up again. Blog silence also results in decreased readership and you can lose most of your following quite quickly in the fast-paced world of the internet.

Spread the Word About Your Blog

The power of networking.


One benefit of blogging is there are no coworkers, water cooler chat or workplace distractions. Unfortunately, those are also some of the drawbacks to working from home. It can be difficult for us moms to find time to connect with other writing mamas out in the blogosphere. Working inside a bubble limits the amount of contacts we can meet up with which in turn hurts our blogs.

Dress Up Your Blog

The importance of photos.

One thing becomes obvious as you peruse some of the most successful blogs out there, especially those in the mommy blogging niche – beautiful photos. Even if your chosen blog subject doesn't lend itself well to pictures of smiling children, a few images can help break up the text and make it both more interesting and more digestible for the reader.