February 2012

Get a Life!

Step away from the computer screen.

I get two main reactions when I tell people that I work from home. The first is usually envy. This is usually quickly followed by the declaration that they couldn't do it, too many interruptions. Sometimes this is true, but I've found that often there aren't enough interruptions. No, I don't mean the kids busting into my office. I mean self-imposed interruptions.

Is Your Blog Secret?

Some of us start our first blog with the intention of only showing it to friends and family. These blogs usually begin as a chronicle of our lives then they eventually attract outside readers and morph into a viable business. For others, we don't mind blogging to the world at large, but we feel shy or embarrassed if someone in our “real life” stumbles across our little outpost on the internet.


I follow the basic rule of never saying anything on my blog that I wouldn't want my husband or mother to read. You never know who is lurking and reading your blog. You may think your daughter's teacher doesn't know you from Adam, but she could very well be following your blog silently. Calling her inept after she gives out a bad grade is not going to go over well.

Taking a Break

What to do when you need to step away from your blog.

It happens to even the most prolific blogger eventually – you need a break. Emergencies, stress or just real life leaves you without the time to keep up with your posting schedule. You can let your blog wallow, losing readers in the process, or you can take steps to keep your blog alive and filled with content.

Blog Layout Tips

Think of your reader when designing your blog.

We have all visited a blog where the writing was wonderful, the pictures sublime, but yet we still clicked away because the layout was headache-inducing at best. When laying out your blog design you must walk a fine line between personal desires, reader preferences and advertiser needs. Understanding a few basics of good blog design can help you get started.