March 2012

Teachable Moments

Using tutorials to attract readers.

Regardless of the slant of your blog, you need to provide useful content if you want your readers coming back for more. One successful way to do this is to provide tutorials and simple how-tos for your readers. Tutorials improve your ranking and page views, convince other bloggers to link to your post, and provide true value to your dedicated readers as well as to new readers.

Should You Host a Giveaway?

Attracting Readers

Have you ever wondered about those giveaways sponsored by your favorite mom bloggers? While they may be hosting them out of kindness, that is just one part of the equation. Giveaways are a proven way to build loyal readership while also providing a thank you gift to some of your readers.

Pictures and Online Privacy

Stay Safe Online and Off

Photography-heavy blogs are quite popular, and for good reason. Good photography really is worth a thousand words, and most readers enjoy seeing the world through their favorite blogger's eyes. It can become tempting to share every aspect of your life through photos, but you must still keep safety and privacy in mind.

Spam Attacks

Is your blog safe?

It began one morning when my first blog was still fairly new. I opened up my site's control panel, groggy and still nursing that first cup of tea. My eyes widened in disbelief when I saw the little number next to my comments. I had received over 300 comments overnight! My excitement quickly faded as I began reading through them. All were written in pretty poor English and featured at least one link to a questionable website. I had become a victim of comment spam.